Transfer FSMO Roles from a DC

Is your Primary Domain Controller getting old and in need of replacing?  Need to power it down for an extended period?  Transferring your FSMO roles is very easy to do and can save a big headache down the road.  To transfer the roles just follow the steps below:

  1. type “ntdsutil” and press enter
  2. type “roles”
  3. Next type “connections” when you see “fsmo maintenance:” prompt
  4. Type “connect to server <new dc’s name>” at the “server connections:” prompt
  5. Type “Quit” to get back to the “fsmo maintenance:” prompt
  6. Type “Transfer <FSMO Role to be transferred>” you can also use “?” to get a list of commands including all the FSMO roles.
  7. Click Yes to the prompt which pops up outside of the command prompt

That’s it, your roles have been transferred to a different domain controller.

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