Android is an Operating System maintained by Google.  It is based of of Linux and relies heavily on Java for it’s programs to run.

I personally like the freedom Android provides by being an open system based off of open sourced coding.  Many of the features and abilities Linux has can be done within Android.

Populate a Binary Database Field Using a Local File

You can run the following SQL statement to populate a binary database field using a local file.

UPDATE <table>
SET <field> = (SELECT BulkColumn from Openrowset( Bulk ‘<full file path accessible by the server>’, Single_Blob) as <field name>)
WHERE <where condition>

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Basic 3D using libGDX |

This tutorial guides you in using the basics of the 3d api LibGDX offers.

Source: Basic 3D using libGDX |

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Guilds added to Dominion Companion

Dominion Companion has just been updated to include the Guilds expansion.

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Repair MySQL Database

If you have corrupt mysql tables you can run this command to automatically fix them. Just make sure you have enough free space. It general takes about double the size of the table to do the repair.

mysqlcheck –auto-repair -A -u -p

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Harptabs Mobile Newest Release

After a lot of hard work and the help of a few end users it looks like all of the bugs have finally been squashed in the current release.  I want to personally thank the people who took the time to do beta testing and to provide me with feedback on each release, without them this app would still have some large bugs.

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