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Website Maintenance

The website will be down at 10 pm EST for scheduled maintenance.  The down time will last about an hour

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Harptabs.com Update

I have found two bugs which were preventing the uploading of images and files…  I am not sure why no one noticed these till recently but I made the changes and they should be working now. I also updated the … Continue reading

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Clean-up Pacman

In Arch when ever you install a package it is downloaded to your system. This make perfect sense because how else are you going to install it… What most people don’t realize is that those packages stay on the system … Continue reading

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Clean Out Orphaned Packages in Arch

After using Arch for a while and installing and removing applications you are bound to accumulate orphaned packages… which are just packages that were install as dependencies  but now that the original program has been remove they are no longer needed.  An easy way … Continue reading

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