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As our cell phone become smart and contain more data they become larger and larger targets for virus and malware.  Android already has several known cases of malware and virus which can affect it.

An easy solution is to load in an app to protect you.  I have played with a few of them and I really like Lookout’s Mobile Security the best.  It provides several other features besides the protection and is completely free.  They do have a premium version you can purchase but the free one provides enough protection on it’s own.

Besides having the virus and malware scanner they also have a “Find My Phone” feature which will allow you from their website locate your phone or make your phone “scream” (even if it is on vibrate) to help you find it.

The third free thing they offer is a limited backup of your data.  The free version will only backup your contact.  The premium version will backup your call history and pictures as well.

The premium version besides offering more backup options will also provide “Privacy Advisor” which will “analyze apps that access your private information”, which is another thing many Android apps have been found guilty of.  They also provide a “Safe Browsing” feature in the premium version which protects you from phishing and malware links while you are surfing the web from your device.

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Lookout Mobile Security

 Lookout Mobile Security in the Android Market

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