SOPA and PIPA Protest

Today several websites will be shutting down as part of a SOPA and PIPA protest. SOPA and PIPA are both bills which will allow the government to shutdown and seize any website without any sort of due process for copyright violations.

Tabs fall into a legal grey area which means this legislation directly affects us. The government has shutdown guitar tab sites in the past for “copyright violations” under the current legislation and with this new bill will make it much easier.  This bill not only affect Americans but it the rest of the world since the internet is not just contained within one country.  The internet should be open and freely available to everyone, governments should not be controlling what it’s citizens have access to.

Anyone who is a american should contact their representatives to try and stop this law from passing. You can check what Representative support this bill by clicking here To read more about SOPA you can click here.

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