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Harptabs Mobile for Android Update

Random tabs have been added to the Harptabs Mobile App for Android.  You can now press the random button on the main screen and a ransom tab from the site well load up for you.

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Dominion Companion Update

A new version of Dominion Companion has been released which contains numerous bug fixes and will handle licensing better.  This should run faster and smoother but there are no visible front end changes.

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Android Device Manager

Google recently rolled out a cool new feature called “Android Device Manager”.  This is a great application to have if you lose you phone and all android phones now have it loaded on but not enabled.  This service allows you … Continue reading

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Search fixed for Harptabs Mobile

There was a problem searching for tabs in the mobile app.  It would return the same results no matter what was put in.  This has been fixed on the server so no update is needed on your devices.

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Harptabs Mobile App Release

The newest version of the Mobile app for android has been released.  It now allows you to add and remove favorites right from the app.

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